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Here is a list of links to key open source and commercial software products/technologies, some of which we used, and others that we listed because they are robust, productive and they gained industry recognition:

Operating Systems

Redhat Enterprise Linux Microsoft Windows Cygwin (Cygwin is not an OS but it brings Unix on Windows)
MinGW (similar with Cygwin)    

Web Servers

Apache Microsoft IIS

Programming Languages

Java C++
Open source IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans Open source IDEs: KDevelop, Dev-C++
Commercial IDEs: Borland JBuilder, Sun Studio Enterprise Commercial IDEs: Microsoft Visual Studio
Libraries: Jakarta Apache, iText Libraries: Boost, Trolltech Qt, IBM ICU

Application Servers

BEA Weblogic Caucho Resin JBoss Jakarta Tomcat


Oracle MySQL Microsoft SQL Server


JUnit HttpUnit


Microsoft MSDN Library